Ame's Story


by RainCrystal

HIATUS - Sept. 15th 2017

Greetings all!

We're going on Hiatus again! Due to Irma and my drawing tablet being inoperable. I nearly finished the next page and it just stopped working. Nothing fixed it. I'm currently trying to figure out how to dispose of it properly, I contact the manufacturer for information or ideas. In the mean time I have already purchased a new one, should be here Monday! It's a different brand and a little bit of a different style. Battery-less pen which will be really nice! (I think.) 

I don't know what my job is going to be doing, I don't know which of my coworkers are back and all that. Last I heard we still didn't have power there, so when that comes back I should be getting a call with at least half a game plan! When that happens I'll be sure to post a little bit of information on that. I'm really thinking about getting an online shop and possibly a Patreon with all this happening. It's been in my head, but I guess I'll have to figure out a real plan for it before I dive right in. Deadlines and all that are what are really stopping me from doing it. I don't do well with them.

Additionally I have been thinking about turning the comic into a book again. I'm still not sure that's something I really want to do with THIS comic, but if it could help me get money and do this for a living, that'd be amazing and something to really consider. Let me know what you think, of course.

Thank you in advance for your patience and for reading my story! I hope you've been enjoying it so far and look forward to many more!

-Rain Crystal

by RainCrystal

BREAK and New Schedule

Hallo everyone! 

I just want to inform you that this weeks page will be a BREAK page. It's basically giving me an extra week of time to sort out my pages and make sure I actually like how they look.

I'm also going to be doing some actual background art, not just screens. I've started with just trees and bushes, cheating by using a brush tool but hey, it looks better, but hopefully they look okay, muuuuch different from the screens since I don't actually do any shading on them. (I don't do shading on, like, anything, which I'm sure you've noticed.) 

Before each chapter I'm going to have a BREAK page, which will always go up on Saturday, so I have that extra week in case I need to do catch up, which I did this time. I have nine pages all set up on the timer, and they have changed to the new schedule of Wednesday and Saturday. My banner will be changed Sunday to reflect that new change. I hope it looks okay, I couldn't edit the original for some reason so I had to remake the part that tells you about when it's updated. 


Anyway, hope you had a great holiday and we'll see if I get anymore news to share with ya! For now that's is.

Lotta love,
Rain Crystal

by RainCrystal


I finished the rest of this chapter, "Missing", so I put them on Comic Fury's timer, to be uploaded every Saturday at 12:30. And realized that it's going to take until December 3rd for the chapter to finish. And that is incredibly slow. But since it's only 20 pages for the chapter, not including the splash page, that kind of makes sense. I know for a fact the next one will be longer, and it will probably take me longer to get it sorted out anyway, so this is actually a good thing.

I can get far ahead of the curve, hopefully if I just keep at it!, and starting the week of December 4th, I'll start uploading Wednesday and Saturday. But for now, every Saturday. That just, that's perfect. Gives me time I need. Especially since I'm going to be completely gone for three days this week starting Thursday.

I hope you're all doing well, and thank you so much for your support!~

Supreme Love,
Rain Crystal

by RainCrystal

Game Plan!

I've been taking a bit of time from introducing myself and all that to figure out what I'll be doing. Something I should have done before I started, I'm sure, but there are some things you can't figure out until you've started.

So, small intro, I am the artist and writer for "M.A.G.E.", an acronym for the names of the heros. You already know M.A.G. and it'll be a little while until E. is introduced. There are other minor characters to meet first! But they all play some part in it.

You can probably tell but this is my first comic. And with the pages shrunk down from the original size, I can see I missed spots with the screens, forgive me for that. I'll be editing that when I'm done with the entire story. Or maybe if I happen to get a bit of free time. 

Tools: The Turcom TS-6610 drawing tablet (my very first one ever, planning on getting a new one eventually, not because this one sucks or anything, it works really well for what I do with it, but I would like to try different things, you know?) and the program I use is Manga Studio 4 EX. I notice a few artists I admire use Clip Studio, by the same company it looks like even. I would say maybe one day I'll move on to that, but I'll wait until I'm done with this. I don't want to have to relearn tools and things when I'm in the middle of this very large project.

This is a story I wrote during Senior year of high school, during classes and all that, because I'm a horrible student. I still have the original, written version of the story AND I typed it and posted it on Fiction Press (not there anymore, don't look), although the typing and posting took place at least two years later. I do, however, have all the typed pages printed out for my personal use. Like looking at how horrible a writer I am. It's actually not that bad, but for the comic version I'm cutting quite a few plot details and just small details in general. Example A, Ame, Moon and Gem were supposed to be wearing glasses. I suppose you can call me a lazy artist for not adding those in.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Right now the comic is updating every day at 12:30 PM (my time anyway) until Saturday, in which you will be all caught up with the pages I /have/ finished. The real reason I'm having it updated every day is... well, exposure on the front page. Tryin' to get readers in, you know? A reason to keep drawing it, posting it. 

After the last page is posted on Saturday, I will be updating only Saturday. So I have a week to work on pages. Right now I'm inking the last pages of this chapter, "Missing". I haven't even done any of the sketches for the next one. So this will most likely turn into just doing a page a week, screening /alone/ can take some time, and as you can see I still make mistakes and miss places.

ANYWAY. Thought it was time to introduce myself, and say HI!~ I hope you enjoy the story and hopefully the art, despite the hands looking... not particularly  hand /like/... Oh well. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to browse and I hope you have a great rest of, well, whatever you want to have a great rest of!
~ Rain Crystal